Tips for Healthy Hair

Tips for Healthy Hair

Do your hair loss treatment right. Keep these in mind before opting for a hair transplant

  1. Diet

As they say, “The best project you’ll work on, is YOU.”

So, it is imperative that you get your diet regime right for your hair loss treatment.

Lack of a balanced diet leads to vitamin (D3, B12, etc) deficiency and proves to be one of the main reasons for hair fall.

  1. Avoid unnecessary stress on hair

Hair Straightening and Hair Ironing have become quite common nowadays. The high heat and undue pressure applied to hair during these processes results in loss of moisture causing the hair to become dry and ultimately, lead to hair fall and premature graying.

  1. It’s okay, DON’T stress

We know how it is in this modern age, especially in a metro city like Hyderabad.

Hectic schedules, busy live, and frustrated souls have all made our days hard. But, it is not just your day that faces the brunt of the blow, your hair too falls prey to the stress.

  1. Poultry Chicken? No!

You might be a chicken aficionado but consider this. Poultry chicken now a days is grown using too many artificial growth hormones and prohibited methods.

Consuming such chicken, might play a huge role in causing hair loss in both men and women. Also, women may also witness the growth of unwanted facial hair.